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Didier Pattyn sees the light of day in Brussels in 1962 and spends his school years there. He then signs up for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of California in Berkeley, the start of a significant career.

Several business ventures, but above all valuable wanderings, follow in Belgium, the United States, Italy and Canada. The honest, human facet is present wherever the wind takes him.

The love of his life arrives in the form of Elkje; his children, Gaia and Alessio follow faithfully.

After 20 years of productive touring, the social globetrotter returns to Belgian soil to plant new roots with eagerness, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2016, Didier once more sees the light at Narafi – LUCA School of Arts. During those four years, the inspired photographer learns to let go for the very first time. In Portrait, Fashion and Food he can express himself without boundaries.

The leitmotif ? Carpe lumen.

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Selected clients

  • Narafi Fashion week
  • Johanne Riss
  • Spice and Ginger
  • Studio Riss